Sensations of Power (20min)

This learning exercise works with embodied memory. It is delivered via an audio recording.

The goal is to help you distill and better understand how you have, so far in your life, personally experienced having and using power. You can see some of the theoretical background for this exercise here.

In the recording below, I’ll be guiding you through some relaxation exercises and then asking you to call up a variety of memories–each one looks at an interaction that involves having and using power. In each memory, I will prompt you to notice how your body remembers aspects of these interactions, and give you a chance to make notes about your experiences.

It’s important to remember that our goal is not to judge these experiences as good or bad. The experience of power can alter our decision-making, in both positive and negative ways. Every person has different moments in which they are more and less vulnerable to making impulsive or less thought-through choices, influenced by their own neurobiology and history. The goal of this exercise is to help you discern where and how your own tendencies show up. It should also help you get a sense of where and how your own strengths and healthy practices of power are showing up.

As always, there’s no way to “get it wrong”. I hope you enjoy this!


Materials: This exercise is easiest to do in a quiet, private place where you can relax and your body can feel comfortable. You’ll need a way to listen to this recording. You’ll also need a pen and paper, or some way to jot down notes and information that comes to you.

Sensations of Power is a somatic learning exercise, aka an exercise that focuses in on the body and the experience of the body as the place that change can most efficiently and effectively start. For more information about somatics, check out the work of Peter Levine, Staici Haines and Richard Strozzi-Heckler.