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The Good Guys: Skills for Leading in the #metoo Era is experiential education that focuses on understanding power relationships in the workplace.

Using a blend of cognitive learning methods with social, emotional and embodied approaches, The Good Guys is designed to provide tools and approaches for male-identified leaders to recognize, understand and intervene in the abuses of power and empower them to act as agents for gender justice in their workplaces.

In response to participant feedback about our November 2018 session, co-facilitator bk chan and I have decided to expand The Good Guys into a two-part series. This will provide more depth to the learning and more space for participants to work through tangible, concrete application for their own contexts.

In Part One, participants will have the chance to:

  • develop personalized knowledge of where they hold power, where they feel powerful and where they feel powerless;
  • further understand their own tendencies and biases when it comes to having and using power;
  • understand which contexts and forces tend to push them into patterns of action they dislike or disagree with; and
  • begin to build a vision of how they want to enact power in the workplace.

In Part Two, participants will get to:

  • enhance their language and skill for recognizing, discussing and responding to abuses of power when they see them;
  • explore and practice a variety of tools for disrupting inequitable or harmful power relations in the moment, with the goal of learning which tools are most apt for their needs, circumstances and character; and
  • identify practical, tangible next steps for practice a more equitable form of power.
If possible, we suggest participants attend in pairs or small groups with fellow male friends, relatives or colleagues. This allows participants to support each other’s efforts in an ongoing way after the workshops are finished. 

We look forward to learning with you!