Levelling Up is an ongoing conversation, process and workshop series about relationships and consent for men.

We produce workshops that focus on the skills our participants say they need in order to…

  • build better relationships,
  • enact better consent and
  • produce leadership towards gender justice in their communities.

Starting January 2019, we’ll be offering monthly Levelling Up workshops at Likely General. Stay tuned for a list of dates and topics.

“All that is required to make a system obsolete is to create a new one that meets people’s needs at a higher level” – The Ayni Institute, Alternatives

About Levelling Up:

If you’ve ever wondered what you, as a man, can concretely do in the wake of the #metoo movement, Levelling Up is for you.

Levelling Up is an experiential education series that focuses on building the skills, approaches and schemas that help participants make the most of this cultural moment.

Levelling Up workshops use a mix of discussion, input from the latest research, solo reflection, practical exercises, arts-based activities and kinesthetic/body-based learning. We focus on building practical and applicable knowledge that will help you have better sex, better relationships and contribute to this cultural shift.

Because the cultural conversation is always evolving, we design new material to speak to the dynamics that participants indicate are surfacing. Every season is different, and we build multiple feedback loops into each conversation, to keep the work as dynamic and relevant as possible.

Who are we?

Your facilitators, Meg and Natalie, have, between them, over 30 years of experience in coaching, sexuality education, psychotherapy, adult learning and group process. They created Levelling Up to fill a gap they saw in conventional consent education, and in response to many conversations with men wondering how to make it better.


Past Levelling Up workshops:

Fall 2018:
  • Do the Right Thing: Compassion and Leadership for Change

summer 2018

  • Understanding and Dismantling Sexual Scripts
  • Masculinity and Nonverbal Communication

If you’re interested to host a Levelling Up conversation, get in touch!