The world is full of brilliant, compassionate and
creative people and groups doing amazing work, often under difficult circumstances.

I’ve had the privilege of working with and learning from some of them; others have kindly made their work available in print or online and I’ve benefitted from that, too.

Below are some of my favourites…


Bonnie Badenoch writes, teaches and lives cutting-edge work about interpersonal neurobiology, relationships and the deep, mammal wiring that shapes connection. Have you ever wondered why you can vibe erotically with someone across the room before you even exchange words? Or why your mother’s anxiety drives you up the wall? Or why your best friend is so good at calming you down? The answer is co-regulation (or co-dysregulation, as the case may be), and Bonnie’s work is all about that shit.

BK Chan is an educator, speaker and author focused on sexuality, diversity and emotional intelligence, based in Toronto. BK has done an amazing job of expanding the conversation when it comes to sex ed to include the so-called “soft skills” of emotional intimacy. She is the real deal and we are lucky to have her in Toronto. She also made this great video that I love!

Prapti Giri is a Somatic Experiencing therapist, based in Toronto. Prapti and I do workshops together sometimes and I’m so excited about it! She’s a skilled healer and a fierce, gentle, badass organizer. I love you, P!

Nazbah Tom is a generative somatics practitioner based in Toronto. gs is a deeply practical, socially and personally radical body of work and we are so lucky to have a practitioner like Nazbah in Toronto.

Kaleigh Trace is a writer and sex educator based in Toronto. Kay is a down-to-earth rural Ontario femme who does amazing work around disability and sexuality. She is the kind of person that your mother will love, and she can also help you understand your body and your sexuality in a totally new and beautiful way. I also live with her, which is pretty great. K, my mother says hi, and I love you.

Jane Clapp is a Toronto-based movement therapist whose work focuses on trauma, recovery, resilience and post-traumatic growth. Jane is a fabulous trainer. Anyone who works with the body should hightail it to one of her professional trainings.

Shaila Khan is a bellydancer, dance therapist, dance teacher, somatic educator and all-round femme goddess. She specializes in movement-based psychotherapy. Shaila and I do workshops together sometimes and we also send each other photos of our cats on a weekly basis.


Eco-Dharma Centre: a retreat and meditation centre in the Catalan Pyrenees.

The Watershed Centre: a retreat and organizational development centre in Upstate New York.

Six Degrees Health: Toronto sliding-scale community acupuncture and healing space. A badass collection of people work out of there! Anyone looking for accessible, LGBTQ-positive, antiracist healthcare should check these folks out.

Roncesvalles Community Acupuncture: community acupuncture and pay-what-you-can naturopathic walk-in clinic in Toronto. A very dedicated and skilled team of people humbly and impressively helping our community heal. The herbal pharmacy up front is also pretty damn cool.


generative somatics center for somatic transformation: Oakland-based training and support for somatic (body-based) transformation and social change. I learn so much from the gs network! They do amazing and powerful work at the intersection of personal healing and collective change.

Movement Strategy Centre: an Oakland-based organization dedicated to building and sustaining transformative social movements. I use their research, toolkits and approach with gratitude and respect.

Come As You Are Co-operative: now only an online store, but still the world’s only worker-owned feminist anticapitalist sex shop! I used to work for CAYA and I can confidently say this is the place you should go if you have questions about sex toys, condoms, lube, porn, BDSM, sex culture and all sorts of other important topics. Co-ops aren’t out to make money, so they have no reason to lie about what’s in their plastic products, sell you things you don’t need or promote sketchy workshops where you don’t learn anything! In an industry unfortunately shaped by greed, shame and stigma, these are the folks you should trust. Their sister site is also a really important contribution to making gender-affirmative gear accessible for people.